Royal Station and Chelopechene lake

On a very foggy and cold winter day when everyone would usually sit at home and watch TV, our team of photographers drove to Royal Station. Once it was the king’s private station, from where he traveled by train for the Vrana residence. The only thing that keeps the station from complete ruin is that the main structure is made of welded rails and welding was new technology during the construction of the station. It was built in the Baroque style and is unique for its time. There is one main hall which in the winter is heated by two stoves, and later two outbuildings were added  which bear witness that carriages once stopped there. On the back of the station is a currently active railroad through which trains still pass at very high speeds.

As we drove to the possible location of the station, the fog thickened and soon almost nothing was visible. Navigation System announced that only 200m remained  to the final destination, which was very surprising because we did not see anything in front of us. We were at least 10 m in front of the station, when we saw it. As soon as we got off, cold and fog pierced through our clothes, but nevertheless we continued with the tour. Erring on the side of caution for passing trains, we looked both ways before crossing the tracks. Not long after we arrived, we heard the ringing of a bell from the nearest railway crossing, so we hurried to leave the rails. Less than a minute after leaving the track, we saw the headlights on the train as it emerged through the fog. The speed was very high, which surprised me a little, as I worried about the safety of the team. To the right of the station,  there was a small hut, which  once served as а mechanical scales for trucks, unfortunately today abandoned.

Our next destination was an abandoned mine near Chelopechene. In the great flood which swept Sofia the critical decision to break the dike which prevents water leak ringing settlements was taken.This action saved the population, and not only … It is known that the lake soon after the flooding became home to many waterfowl of which are some listed in the Red Book. One of the most famous birds is  erstwhile very high excavator, which is now under water and only seen by the end of his jib Unfortunately, because of the fog we could not see much, and could not shoot the crane, but we enjoyed the hundreds of birds circling all over. Around this pond now there is an unregulated dump. We got  in the car  went back to Sofia, ready at the first available time to go back again for a session of new memories.


Добре дошли в блога на Митко!

Тук имам намерение да споделям с вас всичко, което ми прави впечатление.

Един ден, като стана голям, ще мога да си чета блога и да стана добър родител, защото децата виждат света различно, и в един момент, когато станат големи, са забравили всичко.